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Full Name: Helen Chui

Gender: Female


Mobile: +6594788057

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NUS (1999 – 2002)

  • Introduction to Chinese language  A-

Cjc (1997 – 1998)

  • Maths  A

Preferred Tutoring Areas:

Bedok/Chai Chee
East Coast
Marine Parade

Qualification: Graduate

Experience: Full-Time

About Tutor: Highest Qualification: Bachelor of Arts and Social Science (Merit) in NUS, double major in Chinese Studies and Statistics
School Attended: NUS, CJC, CHIJ ST Nicholas Girls School 
Relevant Results: A level Maths:-A, GP:B3, AO Chinese:A2, O level E Maths: A1, A Maths: A1,Chinese:A1, Higher Chinese:B3, Pure Physic:B3, Pure Chemistry:B3
Tutoring Experience (in years): 12 Years since 2009
Brief description of experience (current students and the level and subjects taught) (As of 8/20/2021) 20 Students-15 Primary and Pre Primary and 5 Secondary as follows:
K2- Chinese and Maths. P1-Chinese (Dimension International) P1-English (Poh Ching). P2–Higher Chinese (Red Swastika) P2-Chinese (Maha Bodhi).
P5- Chinese (Haig Girls). P5-English and Science(East Spring). P5-Chinese(CHIJ Katong)(Mix Chinese-Javanese) . P5-Chinese (Ngee Ann)(Indonesian Chinese). P5-Maths(Bedok Green).                    P5-Maths and Science (Poh Ching). P6-Maths (Maha Bodhi). P6-Maths and Science (Eunos). P6-Maths and Science (Maha Bodhi).
P6-Chinese (CHIJ St Nicholas). (Mixed Chinese-White, Mainly focus on Composition) Sec 2 Express Chinese( St Anthony Canossian-Pinoy) Sec 2 NA Chinese (Temasek). Sec 2 Third Language Chinese (Punjabi, CHIJ Katong Girls). Sec 3 Express Chinese (Katong convent). Sec 4 IP Higher Chinese (Victoria-Indian). Relevant Teaching Experience: Helped numerous kids from various schools including top schools in the East like CHIJ Katong, St Stephen,Taonan, Maha Bodhi, Red Swastika to pull up their grades, some students were able to improve from failing to at least a C grade. Details of experience: I would be focusing on these three areas of Secondary Higher Chinese language for my Secondary tutees’ learning and practice:
1) Paper2- (a)综合填空(Vocabulary-Language usage) (b)理解问答一,二(Comprehension)-选择题和开放式题(MCQ and Open ended questions). 2) Paper1- (a) 实用文(Email)-非正式和正式(informal and formal) (b) 作文(Composition)-包括记叙文、说明文和议论文) (narrative, expository and argumentative writings.
3) Paper3- 口试和听力理解(Oral and Listening )-朗读短文,会话和听力理解(Speaking, Reading and Listening skill)
Lessons include:
(1) Using逗号SPH Chinese magazine and assessment books focusing on Comprehension and vocabulary learning (新词汇、好词好句、成语、阅读短篇、新闻报道. (2) A mixture of exam format practices (试卷) (3)Reading & understanding textbook chapters (课文理解) *Teaching style*
-Trains students in effective answering techniques and identifying common and potential pitfalls 
-Customises lessons after identifying their strengths and areas of weaknesses
-Draws on experience & resources to expose students to concept-based questions, does not believe in repetitive drilling.


Higher Chinese

Lower Secondary
Higher Chinese

Upper Secondary

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