You may fill up the Tutor Request Form or you may call/SMS us at 9127 1002

You may terminate a tutor at anytime. You are required to pay for any lessons taught prior to termination.

We would also like to know the reason for termination if possible so that we may arrange for a replacement for you.

We will email/SMS you an invoice upon confirmation of lesson. For the first month only, we will collect 50% of lessons fee (Payable after 2nd week of lesson) and the balance of 50% of lessons fee shall be made to the tutor directly (Payable at end of 4th week lesson).

You may request the tutors to make a photocopy of their certificate for verification on their first lesson.

No consultation fee required for Parents/Students.

For Tutors

Registering for an account is free. One21 Tuition will collect a one time commission charge of 50% of the monthly tuition fee.

You will need to be at least 18 years old. You will need at least an A level or diploma certificate

We strongly discourage termination of lesson before the end of first month unless with valid good reason. A NO SHOW (without valid reason) or termination within 4 weeks lesson will result in a penalty. You will be liable to pay a fee equivalent to 50% of the first month tuition fees as stated upon confirmation in the email/SMS.

No. We do not allow advance payment. You will only be paid by end of 4 working weeks lesson or per lesson basis as per agreed upon confirmation of lesson.

Please follow our Facebook/telegram channel to receive latest updates on assignments.

Our consultants will email/SMS you the assignments updates if you meet the criteria.

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